Public Notices

September 2023 Limb Pick-up

Dividing Line-Broadway
Sept 5 - Sept 8 - South of Broadway
Sept 11 - Sept 14 - North of Broadway

Neighborhoods from Erwin Drive going West to Old Dublin Road, place your limbs by the curb 48 hours prior to Monday, September 11, 2023.

Be aware that items cannot be placed by the curb for removal more than 48 hours before the scheduled pickup. No items may block a sidewalk or street. This pick-up program is intended for limbs only, not entire trees. If you have a tree trimmed or cut down by a contractor, it is your or their responsibility to remove the tree limbs, not the city's. No limbs larger than 4" in diameter or longer than 4', and no more than 1 pick-up truckload per house. Please call us at 270-251-6252 if you have any questions.

Emergency Shelters
The following serve as an emergency shelter in the event of extreme/inclement weather.

First Baptist of Mayfield, KY
118 West South Street
Mayfield, KY
(270) 247-2992

First Presbyterian Church
303 West Broadway
Mayfield, KY
(270) 247-2554