Advisory Boards

The Mayor makes appointments to city advisory boards.
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Planning Commission
The Planning Commission consists of nine citizen members and its primary function is to provide long range planning for the city. The commission hears and approves rezoning cases, minor plats and site plans. The commission is also instrumental in the adoption and implementation of the Mayfield Comprehensive Plan.
Code Enforcement Board
The Code Enforcement Board consists of five citizen members and its mission is to hear appeals from citizens who have been cited for violation of a city ordinance, in most cases related to code enforcement. This board is heavily involved in trying to insure that residents maintain their property consistent with the International Property Maintenance Code.
Board of Zoning Adjustments
Board of Zoning Adjustments hears appeals from those who dispute the decision of city staff in regard to Zoning and it also hears variance cases and conditional uses. The board plays a vital role in maintaining the orderly development and redevelopment of the city. Besides working with these entities, staff coordinates the city's Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Program (MS4). This state mandated effort has as its goal the improvement of the quality of water which is discharged into local creeks. Staff accomplishes this objective by implementing Best Management Practices for contractors, enforcing the city's storm water ordinance and by educating the public on storm water quality. A group of concerned citizens known as the Local H20 Team assists staff with these efforts. City staff has also partnered with the Mayfield Housing Authority to develop a Strategic Neighborhood Action Plan (SNAP) for the Bottoms Neighborhood. Other neighborhoods throughout Mayfield will be assisted with this type of effort in coming years.
BZA/Condemnation Board
The board meets to grant conditional use - in variances in accordance with citizen requests and the city's code of ordinances.
Citizen Committees and Boards
The City of Mayfield has numerous citizen committees that work in conjunction with city government, in establishing and enforcing policies and procedures. If you are interested in being appointed to a board or commission, fill out the Board Application and mail it to Kathy S. O'Nan, Mayor, 211 East Broadway, Mayfield, Kentucky.
Beautification Committee
The City of Mayfield funds the projects of the Beautification Committee, which works throughout the city to beautify sidewalks, traffic island and city parks. Groups, as well as individuals have joined in the effort to beautify the city of Mayfield. For information on how to volunteer to beautify Mayfield please contact the Mayor's Office.