Boards and Meeting Dates

June 2024 Meetings at City Hall
The following meetings will be held in June:

Monday, June 3 at 5:00PM ~ Planning Commission - Code's Office
Tuesday, June 4 at 11:00AM ~ Fire Department Committee - Health Dept.
Tuesday, June 4 at 3:30PM ~ Public Works Committee - Mayor's Office
Wednesday, June 5 at 3:15PM ~ Finance and Administration - Mayor's Office
Monday, June 10 at 4:30PM ~ Police Dept. Committee - PADD
Monday, June 10 at 5:00PM ~ City of Mayfield Council Meeting - PADD
Tuesday, June 11 at 4:00PM ~ MKIA Board - Chamber of Commerce
Tuesday, June 11 at 5:00PM ~ Board of Zoning - Code's Office
Monday, June 17 at 4:00PM ~ Code Enforcement Board - Code's Office
Tuesday, June 18 at 4:00PM ~ Parks and Recreation - Mayor's Office
Thursday, June 20 at 1:00PM ~ Codes Committee at Mayor's Office

All meetings are open meetings, and the public is invited to attend.

The City Council meets once a month on the second Monday of every month
at the Purchase Area Development District, 1002 Medical Drive, Mayfield KY at 5pm.

Mayfield City Council Minutes
►Link to the Mayfield City Council Minutes

Boards and Meeting Dates
Animal Shelter: Jana Adams... 3rd Monday at 6:30pm ~ Animal Shelter
Airport: Johnny Jackson... 3rd Tuesday at 6:00pm ~ Airport
Art Guild: Lauren Carr... 2nd Thursday at noon ~ Regions Bank Boardroom
Cable Authority: Barry McDonald... 1st Thursday at noon/every 2 months ~ Not meeting currently
Child Advocacy: Brad Rodgers... 3rd Thurs - Alternate locations every other month ~ Johanna Fox CPA at 4:30pm/CFSB Bank - noon
Housing Auth: Kathy O'Nan... 4th Tuesday at 4:30pm ~ Brookside Housing Complex
Lighthouse: Justin Carrico... 2nd Monday at 3:30pm ~ Catalyst Church
Mayfield Electric & Water: Jana Adams... 3rd Tuesday at 3:30pm ~ Mayfield Electric & Water Board Room
Needline: John Poole... 3rd Wednesday every other month at noon ~ Needline Building
Parks & Recreation: Derrick Parrott... 2nd Wednesday at 3:30pm ~ Health Department
Purchase Players: Nate Cox... 3rd Tuesday at 7pm ~ Purchase Players Building
Senior Citizens: Chuck Whitnell... 2nd Tuesday at 7pm ~ Senior Citizens Building
Tourism: Kathy O'Nan... 2nd Tuesday at 8:30am ~ Chamber of Commerce