Office of the Mayor

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Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell, Mayor
City Hall
211 East Broadway
Mayfield, KY 42066
(270) 251-6251
Fax (270) 247-2485
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Petra Crutchfield
Assistant to Mayor Rochetti-Cantrell
Ph: (270)251-6252 Fax: (270)247-2485
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"Just as no one should have to move out of their neighborhood to live in a better one, no one should have to move out of a community to live in a better one. We are the keys to our own community's recovery."
- Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell

The Mayor's office provides day-to-day administration of city government. Mayor Teresa Rochetti-Cantrell serves as the City's CEO and oversees all departments which carry-out the policies and procedures set forth by the City Council. The Mayor sets the agenda for the monthly City Council meetings, held on the 2nd Monday of each month, at 6pm, in the Council Chambers at City Hall and televised live on city cable channel 20.